We require a $250 non-refundable deposit and signed contract to book an event. Changes to the contract can be made up to 6 weeks before the event date without any penalty.  The remainder of the balance is due four weeks before the event date. 

What is your payment and refund policy?

Our bar is 13 ft long, 7 1/2 ft wide and 9 ft tall - meaning there are very few spots we can't fit! Amble & Sip does require a clear, flat ground for service though so we don't tip over when shaking up delicious beverages for your event.

A standard outlet near the trailer is also required for our service however If your event is located in the middle of the woods with no power to be seen - don't fret! We can add on a generator to your package. 

what are the technical specifications of the bar?

Yes! All of our vehicles are insured through ICBC as well we carry general liability insurance to cover our services. It is mandatory that all of our bartenders are Serving It Right certified so you can rest assured all health and safety regulations are being followed.

do you have insurance?

Unfortunately, no (insert sad face here). Liquor laws in Canada prohibit the sale of alcohol from a mobile vehicle so Amble & Sip cannot provide this service as of right now.

If necessary, the individual hosting an event must apply for a Special Events Permit from the Liquor Distribution Branch and then provide Amble & Sip with the alcohol they wish to be served. To receive a permit the event host must hold a valid Serving It Right certificate or Special Event Server certificate, 

To apply for a Serving It Right certificate, Special Event Server certificate or Special Event Permit, click on one of the links below:

Special Event Permit

Serving It Right

do you PROVIDE alcohol?

Special Event Server

Amble & Sip will work closely with you to create a drink menu for your event. We will help you select signature cocktails as well as any other alcoholic drinks you may wish to offer your guest. 

After finalizing a selection we will guide you on what alcohol and mixers will need to be purchased based on your number of guests. Everything else, Amble & Sip will provide!

how do i know what to buy?

Amble & Sip will provide syrups, lemon juice, lime juice, bitters and water but soda and all other juices are not included in our base packages....but they can be added on!

Why? We know that everyone has different tastes and different budgets so we are more than happy to add on mixers to your package but we don't include it from the get go so that you have control over what is selected and how much you want to spend. 

Do you supply the non-alcoholic beverages?